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So he took it up and brought it into the dining-room and called the two girls, who had just gone upstairs to bed.

They came right down and opened the box, and there was a poor little girl baby, crying as hard as could be.

NAPLES, NEW YORK.—A small village at the head of Canandaigua Lake, famous for its vine-clad hills and unrivaled scenery. Cross is our teacher, and some of the scholars say he is cross by name and cross by nature, but I like him. He had a beautiful pear in his hand and said he would give it to the boy or girl who could spell “virgaloo,” for that was the name of the pear. A little boy, named William Schley, spelt it right and he got the pear.

GENEVA, NEW YORK.—A beautiful town about 16 miles from Canandaigua. He gave me a book by the name of “Noble Deeds of American Women,” for reward of merit, in my reading class. I wish I had, but I can’t even remember now how he spelt it.

To call it fascinating barely expresses the quality of the charm.

Caroline Richards and her sister Anna, having early lost their mother, were sent to the home of her parents in Canandaigua, New York, where they were brought up in the simplicity and sweetness of a refined household, amid Puritan traditions.Grandmother says they heard that the baby was adopted afterwards by some nice people in Geneva.People must think this is a nice place for children, for they had eleven of their own before we came. Mc Coe was here to call this afternoon and she looked at us and said: “It must be a great responsibility, Mrs.ROCHESTER, NEW YORK.—A nourishing manufacturing city, growing rapidly, less than 30 miles from Canandaigua, and 120 miles from Niagara Falls. I have lived with my Grandfather and Grandmother Beals ever since I was seven years old, and Anna, too, since she was four. One night Grandfather was locking the front door at nine o’clock and he heard a queer sound, like a baby crying.AUBURN, NEW YORK.—Noted for its Theological Seminary, nearly one hundred years old, and for being the home of William H. Our brothers, James and John, came too, but they are at East Bloomfield at Mr. So he unlocked the door and found a bandbox on the stoop, and the cry seemed to come from inside of it.La Mott,” and a piece of poetry called “Pity the Poor Orphan.” The next morning, Grandfather went to the overseer of the poor and he said it should be taken to the county house, so our hired man got the horse and buggy, and one of the girls carried the baby and they took it away.There was a piece in the paper about it, and Grandmother pasted it into her “Jay’s Morning and Evening Exercises,” and showed it to us.Fun and humor sparkle through the story of this childhood and girlhood so that the reader will be cheated of ennui, and the sallies of the little sister will provoke mirth and laughter to brighten dull days. I have never read one which has given me more delight than this.THE VILLAGES CANANDAIGUA, NEW YORK.—A beautiful village, the county seat of Ontario County, situated at the foot of Canandaigua Lake, which is called “the gem of the inland lakes” of Western New York, about 325 miles from New York city. Nat Gorham’s uncle, and Wood Street is named for him.Those of us who lived in the latter half of the nineteenth century recall the swift transitions, the rapid march of science and various changes in social customs, and as we meet allusions to these in the leaves of the girl’s Diary we live our past over again with peculiar pleasure.Far more has been told us concerning the South during the Civil War than concerning the North.


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