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Methods rooted in classical sociology and statistics have formed the basis for research in other disciplines, such as political science, media studies, program evaluation and market research.

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Thus, there is often a more complex relationship between "qualitative" and "quantitative" approaches than would be suggested by drawing a simple distinction between them.

Social scientists employ a range of methods in order to analyse a vast breadth of social phenomena: from census survey data derived from millions of individuals, to the in-depth analysis of a single agent's social experiences; from monitoring what is happening on contemporary streets, to the investigation of ancient historical documents.

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Social Science Research Essay

We are committed to promoting academic exchanges and progress.These disputes relate to the historical core of social theory (positivism and antipositivism; structure and agency).While very different in many aspects, both qualitative and quantitative approaches involve a systematic interaction between theory and data.Ideas help social researchers make sense of evidence, and researchers use evidence to extend, revise and test ideas." Social research thus attempts to create or validate theories through data collection and data analysis, and its goal is exploration, description, explanation, and prediction.It should never lead or be mistaken with philosophy or belief.The online journal system has been diffused very fast since January, 2016.It has continued to diffuse new trends in Social Sciences to all over the world.Dear Colleagues, The International Journal of Social Science and Economic Research, welcomes you.IJSSER would like to thank you for your online journal interest.By contrast, a researcher who seeks full contextual understanding of an individuals' social actions may choose ethnographic participant observation or open-ended interviews.Studies will commonly combine, or triangulate, quantitative and qualitative methods as part of a multi-strategy design.


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