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Strictly speaking, the age problem also has three unkowns: Bob's age, Bart's age, and Bart's age two years from now.Students will hopefully see quickly that Bart's age in two years is 2 more than it is now.

Strictly speaking, the age problem also has three unkowns: Bob's age, Bart's age, and Bart's age two years from now.

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Slide 1: Discuss with students some of the strategies involved in solving algebra problems.

Emphasize that students should write a variable for each unknown quantity, and clearly write what that variable represents. Slides 2 - 6: Each of these is a word problem which is set up nicely for solving using substitution. Difference System: Depending on how it is solved, this system will require students to properly place parentheses around the variable being substituted, and then properly distribute a negative through the parentheses.

This problem can also be used to discuss being careful about choice of variables.

The obvious choices for variables in this problem are L and S (for larger and smaller).

However, students who write carelessly may mistake a lower case L for a one, and an S for a 5. One student in my class selected "B" and "T" for "Big" and "Tiny," thus avoiding the issue altogether.

Sum of Two Fractions: This system can be solved by clearing the equations of fractions and then solving, or by carrying the fraction through the problem.Bob and Bart's names were specifically chosen to force students to recognize that B can't be used as a variable for both, and another choice must be made for one of the boys.The shortest side of a triangle has length 16 inches. Triangle Problem and Age Problem: In keeping with the idea that we specify a variable for each unknown, these will have more than two unknowns.The triangle problem has two unknown sides and the perimeter.We will be looking at different types of word problems involving such ideas as distance, percentages, and something we can all relate to MONEY!!!This is the exact same process for problem solving that was introduced in Tutorial 16: Formulas and Applications The difference is in this tutorial we will be setting up a system of linear equations as opposed to just working with one equation.For this lesson, we require students to use two variables (or more), making these problems a nice transition from single-variable problems to systems problems.Each of these systems is easily solved using substitution.Word Problems Using Systems of Equations helps students learn methods for solving word problems that call for one to solve for more than one variable, and teaches through examples involving mixtures, rate, work, coins, age, digit sums, percentages, and more.The shortest side of a triangle has length 16 inches.


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