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It pains me that my child will grow up with this absolute trash in their life but someone has to be one some kind of payroll for this to exist in the school system.I wonder how much the extortion license to the schools costs us as taxpayers.By clicking on the raised hand, the screen will return to the normal screen.

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With the touch functionality of ST Math students experience an even greater level of interactivity.

With ST Math, learning continues outside of school too, as teachers can assign specific math objectives in the software for homework.

Contact your school about how to set up for homework.*Requires an i Pad 2 or newer running i OS 8.0 or later.

School licensing for ST Math® featuring touch is required.

Here is an excerpt from the Website that explains what ST Math is.

Created by MIND Research Institute, ST Math is game-based instructional software for K-5 and secondary intervention and is designed to boost math comprehension and proficiency through visual learning.Enforces administration of MSS and HSI pre-test for VILS partners.Fixed issue where roster provisioned students manually transferred to a different group would be automatically returned to their original groups. I am a kid myself and I really love how this app in the beginning helps you memorize your password.This educational app has taught me so many things throughout months.I have had faith in this educational app, hoping that I could pass the problem I was stuck on and I did!This app has also taught me about area and perimeters.I have realized that you multiply 2 numbers that are completely different from each other for area and you just add up all the measurements for the perimeter.To learn about Teacher Mode, click here Indicates that a student needs help.Either a hand on the bottom portion of the screen is raised or the student has continued to struggle on a particular level.Yes, this game is a bit slow on computer, but way faster on IPad! This is just my honest opinion, you could have something way different from mine.Truly this is possibly one of the worst functioning, least polished, and least supported apps I have found in the App Store.


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