Steroids In Baseball Research Paper

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But even aspiring Major League players can't necessarily afford PEDs when the average contract for a first-year minor leaguer is only 0 per month.Inequalities can't be the main problem with PEDs, however, since we could just as easily eliminate them by subsidizing PEDs as by banning them.As a philosophy professor, I can't help but ask: What makes these drugs so bad? In spite of all the focus on the use of PEDs in sports, this simple question of ethics is harder to answer than it might seem. A natural first suggestion is that using PEDs is wrong because it's cheating.

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We should all agree that athletes who use outlawed PEDs are cheating.

They are breaking the rules and giving themselves an unfair advantage.

Baseball banned steroids in 1991, so anyone who used them after that was breaking the rules--including A-Rod.

Moreover, it is simply false that all good athletes use PEDs.

Boxers, soccer players, and football players suffer concussions, runners and basketball players blow out their knees, and tennis players injure their ankles and elbows.

The first marathoner, Pheidippides, collapsed dead from the effort, and many since have suffered the same fate.

But Euthyphro shows that there is a deeper question: Why should PEDs be banned in the first place?

Is there really a reason to prefer a sport that bans PEDs to one that allows them? If you told your mom you wanted to try PEDs, her first concern would probably be for your health.

But we don't always find it objectionable when people go to extraordinary means to reach the top.

Cyclists who sleep in a hyperbaric chamber to boost their red blood cells are not invited to acknowledge their sins on Oprah's couch.


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