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He gets check ups regularly throughout the film and gains a massive amount of weight every time he goes for his check up.

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I did not become a born again Christian and still eat rubbish food and am no role model for healthy living!

However, what I have notice in the press and in the audiences for this film is a rather smug 'look at them' attitude as if this has no impact in Europe and Americans are some sort of freak show and nothing to do with us.

He is certainly a lot more interesting than his vegan girlfriend who is one of those overbearing self-righteous types who look down their nose at anything.

His good humour makes the film but it is the documentary rather than the gimmick that kept me watching.

The facts on obesity do speak for themselves and they are frightening and all the more so when you actually sit and think about what you eat – sweets, colas, ready meals, crisps, processed foods; whether it is salt, saturated fats or sugar, any of these foods spells trouble if they are not part of a balanced diet.

My only fear of this film is that many viewers will look at Mc Donalds and say 'they are to blame, lets get them' and simply ignore that it is very easy to eat an unhealthy diet – go to any supermarket and you'll find 'easy' food served up quickly but without the things your body needs.

Living with his vegan girlfriend, Morgan Spurlock decides to try and eat Mc Donalds for every meal for a month.

At the same time he reduces the amount of exercise and walking to match that of the 'average' American to make for a fair experiment.

In the documentary Morgan decides to eat three meals a day at Mc Donald’s for a one month.

In the beginning of the movie he is examined by three different doctors a Cardiologist, Gastroentrologist, Hepatologist, and General Practioner that all tells him that he is healthy and not over weight.


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