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Have you ever used that comment in reference to a homework assignment?Many students define homework in terms of punishment or redundancy.My own experience, as well as those of teachers at all grade levels, has shown that the impact of a homework assignment is directly proportional to the immediacy and nature of any resulting feedback.

There is no clear answer to that query, but I'd like to offer the following simple formula, which has been suggested by many teachers: This means that the amount of after-school homework (in minutes) is equivalent to the grade you teach times 10.

For example, if you teach fifth grade, you would assign 50 minutes of homework per evening (5th grade × 10 = 50).

Some schools and many districts have written policies regarding the degree of involvement parents should have in their children's homework.

Based on a review of many of those documents, I'd like to offer the following suggestions regarding the role of parents in homework: In my classroom, we had a “Homework Council” composed of several parent volunteers.

Although practice is both important and necessary, I'd like to suggest that the practice has to be realistic.

For example, assigning students 100 2-digit addition problems as a homework assignment may be overdoing it.

We would meet periodically throughout the year and establish policies and practices regarding homework assignments.

Decisions included how much homework, what subjects to emphasize, grading practices, and other similar issues.

That statement comes with a caveat; that is, the amount of homework assigned needs to be tailored to the students' age and grade level.

The burning question is: how much homework should teachers assign to students?


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