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Assignments scans student submissions for matching text on the web, right in your grading interface – no more logging into a different program.

And students can run their own reports before submitting to help cite and strengthen their work. Pull up frequently used feedback from your comment bank when engaging students with in-line edits and two-way commenting.

As Vincent Tinto writes in (2012), "To be effective, assessments must be frequent, early, and formative." Indeed, at colleges and universities recognized by the National Survey on Student Engagement for their success in promoting student's active engagement in their learning: "Feedback from faculty to students is timely and frequent, as documented both by NSSE data and by interviews with students and faculty members" (Kuh, et al. Low-stakes assignments tend to work best when they generate formative feedback regarding where students are in the course, what they are doing well, and where they may need development to ultimately succeed in the class.

At De Paul, there is a general expectation that students will be given feedback early in the quarter, and low-stakes assignments are a powerful method of doing so.

When assigning students a writing or research project, break down the elements of the project and use one or more as a low-stakes assignment.

Require students to submit their works-in-progress so that they can receive early written feedback and a small grade, which could consist simply of a check or check-minus.Generate new assignments using Docs and Drive, and provide each student with a unique copy.You can organize coursework by class, date, and student, as well as adapt existing work for new courses.Providing guidance and feedback that helps students grow and learn is one of the most important – and time-consuming – parts of your job.See how Assignments simplifies the process of creating and grading coursework with flexible, collaborative, and easy-to-use tools from Google.The purpose of low-stakes assignments is to provide students with an indication of their performance while taking a course and give students an opportunity to improve their performance prior to receiving a final grade, either on an assignment or in a course.Mid-term projects or exams come too late to yield the necessary guidance.Around mid-semester or during the planning stages of a major course project, cancel class for a week and ask students to meet with you for conferences instead. If the class is too large for you to meet with each student individually, assign students to meet with you in groups, or one-on-one with their TA. Try providing students with a rubric to help them give their peers targeted, assignment-specific feedback. Also, consider inviting Writing Center tutors to your class to model how peer review can be conducted effectively. Frequent, low-stakes grading: Assessment for communication, confidence.


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