Terminal Masters Computer Science

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The school constantly ranks high overall, but particularly in areas of math and science. Rather, students construct their own course of study, in consultation with an advisor. The Department of Computer Science at Princeton offers a Master of Science in Engineering (M. E.), which is a two year, full-time program of coursework, plus submission of an original thesis.

The program consists entirely of coursework, and there is little to no research component – compared to Carnegie Mellon’s Ph. in Computer Science which is, above all, a research degree. It’s a great way for students to save time and cut costs, so they can continue forward in the field. All students choose a subarea of computer science to focus on and write a thesis under the direction of an advisor.

projects the demand for these types of jobs to increase by 27 percent by 2018.

Think a degree in Computer Science means you’ll be tied to a computer and deemed “anti-social” for the rest of your life? From movie animation and programming, to building and designing business applications, exciting computer games and life-saving operating systems, other top jobs for computer science graduates can include: Research Scientist, Big Data Analyzer, Mobile Application Developer, Software Architect and Developer, and Healthcare IT.

Not just a degree for the “geeks” anymore, Computer Science is a leading industry that is behind the biggest research and innovations in our modern world.

With each year, science and technologies continue to evolve, grow, and thrive as consumers continue to demand faster, better, and stronger machinery and operating systems to power their lives.With 45 affiliated Nobel laureates, Cornell is continually ranked as one of best universities in the world.Notable alumni include Bill Nye, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Kate Snow.Stanford also offers joint degree programs, including: The central requirement for the MSCS degree at Stanford is completion of at least 45 units that represent an approved academic plan.UC Berkeley is a public research university and has been ranked the #1 Public University in the United States.Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Carnegie Mellon University is a private research university that was founded in 1900 by American industrialist Andrew Carnegie.The most popular major at Carnegie Mellon is Computer Science, and with good reason. in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon is that the program isn’t based on a fixed set of courses. President Woodrow Wilson, Malcolm Forbes and former first lady Michelle Obama.What makes MIT unique is the school does not offer a terminal Master’s degree in Computer Science.Rather, students must apply for a Ph D; all Ph D students will earn a Master’s degree as they work towards their Ph D.Whether you have a background in the industry or are completely new to all things compsci-related, there is a program out there specially suited for you.And, now, jobs in the computing industry are among the highest-paying for new graduates; according to the BLS, the median annual wage for computer and information technology occupations was ,860 in May 2016, and even higher for those with an advanced degree (think: over 100k! Employers often prefer candidates with advanced degrees, especially for high technology research and development positions.


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