The Chocolate War Essay Introduction

He completes the ten-day run, but, having been affected by the ugly culture of deceit and cruelty around him, decides to defy both Trinity The Vigils by continuing to refuse to sell the chocolates.This leads to heavy persecution of Jerry by The Vigils: they vandalize his property, beat him severely, and arrange for his ostracism by the community at large.In the book The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier the main protagonist, Jerry Renault, defies a powerful gang in school, called the Vigils, and must decide if conforming to their wishes is better than standing up against them and “defying the universe”.

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Janza and Jerry fight, and Jerry is outmatched by Emile's size and strength.

Even though Jerry gets in some good hits, Janza stops playing by the rules and pummels Jerry mercilessly.

The fight is scripted by the spectators, who purchase tickets on which to write descriptions of the blows they want to see.

The blow that wins the fight will be the winning ticket of the raffle.

These examples show how individual self-esteem is tied to others not thinking you are poor and how individuals try to conform to the standard of appearing successful.

Anzaldua covers linguistic conformity and having to change her language to fit in.Obie, the secretary of The Vigils, waits with him, taking down notes of Archie's hazing "assignments." The assignments are cruel pranks and practical jokes to be performed by selected students, who have no choice but to obey The Vigils or face the consequences.Later, Brother Leon, the acting headmaster of Trinity, calls Archie to his office and conspires with him to recruit The Vigils to help with the annual school chocolate sale.Jerry wants very much to make the team, perhaps partially because he has recently lost his mother to cancer.Archie, the "Assigner" and brains of a secret organization called The Vigils, watches from the stands.Leon is only temporarily in charge of Trinity, because the real headmaster is in the hospital.The power-hungry Leon has overextended school funds to get a bargain on the chocolates, fulfilling Archie's later comment that all people are "greedy and cruel." He wants the students to sell exponentially more boxes than the have in previous years, and at higher prices.Her native Chicano is a mixture of Spanish and English but she could never speak it around native Spanish speakers since they considered it a “bastard language” (377).Her own people would call her a “cultural traitor” for speaking the “oppressor’s language” (375).Archie agrees to help Leon with the chocolate sale.Archie assigns various tasks to students, including Jerry's best friend, Goober.


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