The Cons Of Homework

The time they spend learning leaves them without other important activities.

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As many of them live on campus, they cannot ask their parents to help.The question of whether students should have homework is not new.With more and more kids and their parents stating that they have almost no time to live because of homework children get at school, educators started wondering whether giving them homework is really such a good idea.The amount of homework a student gets in a day allows them to practice allocating time into getting those tasks done.After which, they can do whatever activities they like, be it reading a book or listening to music.Homework assigned at schools are standing in the way of spending good quality time with family and friends since children have to dedicate hours to various homework assignments every day. Schools want kids to study at home because learning on their own with no teachers or peers distracting them is the best way of learning.Quality education is all about proper organizational skills that help the student sit down and conduct a profound academic research, prepare for school debates, complete homework assignments that require tackling long reads every day, and so much more.If you’re on the fence regarding this fact, read our full list of reasons that support the idea that kids should rest at home, have some free time, instead of working long hours of struggling with the homework academic tasks. Supporters of the first emphasize necessity of self-education while others believe too many homework can harm one’s health, deprive of social life, or have a child burn out completely.It’s up to you which side to take but make your decision wisely after studying both sides’ arguments carefully and impartially.It allows students to apply what they have learned in class.How can a teacher know if a student learned anything from the discussion had that day?


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