The Great Gatsby Descriptive Essay

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Scott Fitzgerald many themes and thoughts are expressed through subtlety and secrecy of characters and objects.

With these underlying conceptions Fitzgerald is able to reveal Gatsby, the main character, as someone with a loss of identity which ultimately leads to his attempt to restore the past and failure to grasp the present before it’s overdue.

They soon learn many interesting facts about their host and also many interesting rumors.

One of the underlying themes in The Great Gatsby is the point where reality meets rumors.

Through his efforts to gain love he ultimately loses himself and forgets to live his own life.

The Great Gatsby Descriptive Essay

Creating a facade of the lifestyle he craves for, Gatsby’s dream becomes less and less obtainable.

Nevertheless, Gatsby is generous to the point that people arrive without invitations and show up merely to use his house, cars, or boats.

However, it seems that Gatsby sets Nick apart for some yet unknown reason because he is sent a hand written invitation.

He had never succumbed to the temptation to go over to one of Gatsby's parties, showing Nick's integrity.

When Nick arrives at the party he goes from being a spectator to a participant in the chaos.


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