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I love children’s books and this is an opportunity to focus on some of these books for 2019.

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The action takes place in Opium, a country that runs between the US and the former Mexico, where super-wealthy drug lords control the lives of everyone else, even putting brain implants on some, to make them pliant, witless slaves, and making clones of themselves to use as ever-ready organ donors. The skeptic’s question to the curate was a staggering blow to someone whose occupation presupposes faith in God—rather like assuming a child brought up in a Christian home will automatically become a child of God.The story of ) awakened in me a desire to not just know facts, but to know and believe the Truth."Item, Certayn persons to be sent to the Towre for the further examenacyon of the Abbot, of Glaston . To the cities and towns here named, these fearful tokens of royal vengeance were duly despatched and at once placed on poles in prominent places, " according to law :" at Bridgwater, near the market-place ; at the borough of Ilchester, on the ancient octagonal tower of the parish church of Our Lady ; at Wells, over an old gateway, now wholly destroyed, which stood not far from the east end of the cathedral ; and at Bath, on a spot said to be covered by the handsome Roman Catholic church...' - J. for the robbing of Glastonbury church, on the Torr Hill, next unto the town of Glaston : The said abbot's body being divided in four parts, and head stricken off; whereof one quarter standeth at Wells, another at Bath, and at Ilchester and Bridswater the rest, and his head upon the abbey gate at Glaston.George Mac Donald’s writing has had a soul-searching effect on me, stirring up doubt at times, yet leading to a healthy questioning of long-held traditions, with the purpose of being sure of what I believe. is a response of humility, which leads to growth and eventual oneness with Christ.”A secondary character, Helen, mirrors the dull spiritual state of the curate, having “supposed she could think because the thoughts of other people had passed through her quite regularly, leaving many a phantom conclusion behind.The theme of is the realization that “God in his compassion seeks our deliverance, healing, and rebirth.” The main character, Thomas Wingfold, shows how “the response of the open heart when confronted with truth—however unpleasant . But this had been thinking, not hers.” Like children raised in a Christian home, Christianity has been “spoon-fed” to them for so many years, how can they distinguish their own faith from that of their teachers or parents? Mystics and Madmen From the memoirs of the King's henchman, Thomas Cromwell, is it is clear that the fate of the Last Abbot of Glastonbury had already been decided before he had left the Tower; Richard Whiting was guilty and should suffer before his own community the ultimate indignity, and destined for him the gruesome death of a traitor in the sight of his own Abbey; Cromwell decreed the Abbot was to be hung, drawn and quartered at Glastonbury. Councillors to give evidence against the Abbot of Glaston, Rich. Moyle." - The Remembrances of Thomas Cromwell, October 1539.This is my favorite time period in history because we witness the blossoming of Christendom despite barbarian invasions, the spread of heresies, the Crusades, a devastating plague, and division in the Church. So for those of you who are like-minded, here is the book list: Story of Civilization Vol. She made literature guides for some of our very favorite historical novels about the Middle Ages.Indeed, we can see the hand of God guiding the Church through all of this turmoil, raising up great saints to spread the Gospel. The boys read or listen to three chapters a week from a novel and then discuss the questions over a Face Time meeting.


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