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The Homework Club-49
A key worker works alongside each young person on homework support while also developing a trusting relationship.The strength of our relationships with young people is evident from their continued voluntary use the service throughout their school lives.

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We recognise that each child’s needs are different.

Some need encouragement and to be given the confidence to work on their own and check their own work.

We have recognised that while supporting young people, it is essential to assist them in learning six basic skills: following instructions, concentration, listening, checking quality & accuracy, working on your own and working under pressure.

We believe that when young people acquire those six basic skills they become more independent within their work and more self-directing within their own lives.

Give extra support to your child/ren by registering them to our weekly Homework Club.

New Zealand has one of the biggest gaps between good and poor readers in the world.The RYP Homework Clubs run Seasonal programmes, which offer fun and creative projects outside school term and are specifically designed with prevention in mind.We don’t just support young people in their educational development.We work closely with schools and support children in their literacy development by supporting and adopting the literacy strategy developed by the local schools.Building strong and compassionate relationships with young people is at the heart of what we do. The clubs place high value on fostering a strong homework routine.We recognise that it is essential to acquire six basic skills: following instructions, concentration, listening skills, working under pressure, working on your own and checking quality & accuracy.We believe that when young people learn these skills they can become more self-directing in their lives. We are also heavily engaged in arts-based practice.The programme is simple: a school makes available classroom or library space for students to gather to work on their reading or other homework, and a group of volunteers spends an hour a week helping these kids with their homework. Feedback from both schools and participating firms has been very positive.Schools report that children benefit from having the extra time and space to work quietly, with support if necessary, as well as having different role models and developing new relationships with other adults from the community.Dolphin and Fatima Homework Clubs are programmes of Rialto Youth Project.As part of a community-based project our work concentrates on Homework Support and Arts-based programmes.


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