The Merchant Of Venice Shylock Essay

Must Jessica convert to Christianity in order to be accepted by Lorenzo and his friends? That the Christian characters are considered the goodies in this narrative and the Jewish character the baddy of the piece, suggests some judgment against being Jewish.

However, Shylock is permitted to give as good as he gets against Christianity and is able to level similar insults as he receives.

William Shakespeare, the master of dramatics in the English literary tradition, has incorporated certain unique themes in the play Merchant of Venice.

The play is, to this day, universally read, analyzed, critiqued and taught all over the world.

It depends on his portrayal as to how much an audience has sympathy for his position and character as to how much he is judged at the end of the play.

He is certainly left at the end of the play with very little to his name, although at least he is able to keep his property until his death.

On the surface level, the major difference between Shylock the Jew and the Christian characters of the play is their level of compassion.

On one hand, the Christians value the importance of human relationships over their business contacts.

I think it would be difficult not to feel some sympathy for Shylock as all the characters celebrate at the end while he is all alone.

It would be interesting to revisit Shylock in the years following and find out what he did next.


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