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In his best-selling book Fast Food Nation, Eric Schlosser makes you feel like you might be a whole lot better off avoiding the drive-through and just going home to cook your own meal.Schlosser covers everything from how Mc Donald’s got started to how the hamburger giant has affected cultures all around the world.coli cases that are not even food-borne), which is relevant because fast-food outlets are hardly the only places where processed meat is sold." The Atlantic's Julia Livshin believes "Schlosser's book is not just a compendium of kitchen horror stories.

By systematically dismantling the industry's various aspects, Schlosser establishes a seminal argument for true wrongs at the core of modern America." Terrie Dort, president of the National Council of Chain Restaurants, the trade association representing many of the country's major fast-food chains, released this statement about Schlosser and his book: "It is unfortunate that Mr.

Schlosser's book, 'Fast Food Nation,' categorizes the entire fast-food industry in such a negative light.

Karcher and the Mc Donald brothers, examining their roles as pioneers of the fast-food industry in southern California.

This discussion is followed by an examination of Ray Kroc and Walt Disney's complicated relationship before ending with the consideration of the intricate, profitable methods of advertising to children.

Eric Schlosser uncovers the fast food industry's greed, unsanitary conditions, and almost criminally low wages.

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This book makes a strong case for avoiding fast food entirely.

Moreover, the meat produced by slaughterhouses has become increasingly more hazardous since the centralization of the industry due to the way cattle are raised, slaughtered, and processed, providing an ideal setting for E coli to spread.

Additionally, working conditions continue to grow worse.

Schlosser follows this with a discussion of the life of a typical rancher, considering the difficulties presented to the agricultural world in a new economy.

Schlosser's critique is particularly strong when analyzing the meatpacking industry, which he tags as the most dangerous job in America.


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