Thesis On Vocabulary Acquisition

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Learners were exposed to unfamiliar words either two, four, or six times during reading.

Vocabulary acquisition and retention measured productive and receptive knowledge gain.

Along these lines, you could investigate the effects of reflective journal writing on a particular student population, such as Romanian or Japanese students.

You would likely also find fascinating the possibility of topics such as vocabulary learning strategies for speakers of English who are trying to learn Chinese, possibly comparing the success rates of those who do so in the United States versus in China.

The latter topic could even lend itself to studies of children with autism disorders.

You could also concentrate on a specific demographic, such as fifth-grade English language learners.The process of learning the words of a language is referred to as vocabulary acquisition.As discussed below, the ways in which young children acquire the vocabulary of a native language differ from the ways in which older children and adults acquire the vocabulary of a second language.Retention measures showed mixed results: On productive vocabulary knowledge only half of the subjects displayed a significant rate of retention.On receptive knowledge all but one experimental group retained vocabulary over 4 weeks.Other good topics would include the use of web technologies for language interaction or the use of smart phone apps in language learning: Demographic groups that would offer interesting studies along these lines would include Japanese students in American colleges, children of multilingual families or Latino students who spend a good deal of time using social networking.The trials, tribulations and successes of second language learners also make for interesting theses.The present study was designed to examine whether intermediate learners incidentally (a) acquire and (b) retain unknown vocabulary as a result of reading.The study further assessed (c) the effect of the text variable of exposure frequency.Anthony Fonseca is the library director at Elms College in Massachusetts.He has a doctorate in English and has taught various writing courses and literature survey courses.


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