Thesis Organizational Commitment

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This thesis begins by arguing that although we know that certain styles of leadership can contribute to the development of organizational commitment amongst employees, we do not know enough about how that happens.

In particular, we do not know enough about the processes or mechanisms that mediate the relationship between leadership behaviours as antecedent conditions and the varying levels of, and types of, organizational commitment as outcomes.

At the deepest level of the thesis, it will be shown that although self-determination and self-definition are certainly not identical aspects of the self, they are mutually reinforcing and each is an essential requirement of the other: self-determination involves and requires self-definition; just as self-definition involves and requires self-determination.

To reach that understanding of how leadership can contribute to organizational commitment, and to reach the deeper conclusion regarding the co-constitutive nature of self-determination and self-definition, two stages of empirical research and analysis are worked through.

The purpose of this qualitative study was to examine the relationship between trust and organizational commitment.

The population consisted of 31 employees from 3 high-technology organizations in the United States.

An employee's trust in their leadership is an important antecedent to organizational commitment.

It is commonly believed that committed employees will work harder to achieve organizational objectives, so organizations often try to foster commitment in their employees to achieve improved organizational performance.

The study consisted of 2 research instruments and 5 demographic questions that were administered to employees of 3 high-technology organizations.

The survey instrument used to measure trust was Cummings and Brimley's Organizational Trust Inventory.


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