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Read this book, / That show of such an exercise may colour / Your loneliness" (3.1.43-46).

Ophelia, an obedient daughter, readily obeys, even though it means spying on the man she loves.

That suspicion and Hamlets attendant behavior toward her never varies in the play, from his opening soliloquy, when he exclaims "Frailty, thy name is woman" (1.2.146), to their confrontation in Gertrudes chamber: While this may seem to answer why Hamlet behaves as he does with Ophelia, his attitude toward his mother is never in doubt; he consistently remains mistrustful and accusatory.

Gertrude represents for Hamlet all women and their duplicitous natures. His meaning is purposely vague: he could mean that she is "too cold" for a relationship, or, in the Elizabethan slang implication of "nunnery," that she is a whore and should remove herself to a house of prostitution.

One must admit, however, that while Hamlets actions with regard to that duty are questionable, Ophelia must bear some responsibility for the degree of Hamlets harsh rejection of her.

Unable to ascertain the reason for his strange behavior, Polonius, with the kings assent, begins the scene by directing her to spy on the prince.

[Notice two things here: First, the title of your paper is the first indication of what your argument will be; make it specific.

Second, with regard to your opening, there is no "filler" in the introduction; no need to "warm up"], from Hamlets ambiguous feelings about the Ghost, his doubts about the existence of God, his "feigned" madness contrasted to his erratic behavior, and his contrast to another dutiful son, Laertes, who also seeks to avenge his fathers death.

What follows is Hamlets "To be, or not to be" soliloquy, which is spoken with Ophelia upstage pretending to read a book of devotion.

That Hamlet forgives this breach of etiquettefor she presents herself as one contemplating spiritual mattersis clear from his remark that he desires her intercession for him in her prayers.


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