Thomas Becket Honor Essay

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Beckett runs back under fire to haul Papich's body to the helicopter.

Later, Beckett is paired up with an inexperienced civilian, Richard Miller, to eliminate a rebel general financed by a Colombian drug lord.

They soon exit the tram, running through the streets.

Cole is captured and put into a prison where Valstoria's men keep their so-called 'special enemies', but Beckett is able to escape.

Miller is unable to take out the attacker; instead, the chopper's dying gunner makes the kill.

The co-pilot believes Miller is responsible, and Miller earns a false reputation.Miller is a SWAT sharpshooter, but he has no combat experience or confirmed kills.On the way to the staging area, Miller's chopper is attacked by a guerrilla, who kills several members of the crew.Beckett's insistence that they deviate from the mission plan and belief that Miller is unfit for command sparks friction.Early on, they encounter a group of Indians, who lead them past rebel guerrillas in return for a favor and a target of opportunity: to eliminate El Cirujano ("The Surgeon"), an ex-CIA torture expert who works with the rebels. Not certain of Miller's reliability and skeptical about his "kill" aboard the helicopter, Beckett expects Miller to make the kill to prove himself.Miller takes out the drug lord, but Beckett sacrifices his chance to take out the general when he saves Miller's life.Beckett insists that they return to kill the general, but Miller's refusal leads to an exchange of fire between the two that ends when Miller runs out of ammo. As rebels close in on the two, Beckett attempts to provide covering fire for Miller.There, they meet an underground resistance member named Sophia. After their original extraction point is compromised, Cole and Beckett are forced to find an alternative plan.Sophia takes them to her apartment, which is perched high above the designated area where Valstoria is due to show up, near a government building. When they hitch a ride on a public tram, nearby soldiers stop the vehicle and try to arrest them, but the two operatives take over the tram and ram it into some police cars.Beckett agrees to participate, but requests that an additional man, a spotter, must come with him.Beckett is introduced to his spotter, Jake Cole, an experienced U. Army sniper who is on death row for killing a federal officer who allegedly betrayed Cole's unit and had them killed during a mission.


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