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" He reminds students "You are not Proust" and "Write everything that comes into your head, but only in the first draft." Of course, there was no Internet in 1977, but Eco's index card research system offers important lessons about critical thinking and information curating for students of today who may be burdened by Big Data."How to Write a Thesis" belongs on the bookshelves of students, teachers, writers, and Eco fans everywhere.Already a classic, it would fit nicely between two other classics: "Strunk and White" and "The Name of the Rose."This MIT Press edition will be available in three different cover colors.As a result, you won’t be distracted by your reasoning and therefore avoid the risk of turning your essay into gibberish full of weak arguments.

How about abstract, acknowledgement, conclusion, etc. Example: Let’s say you write an essay about the relevance of uniforms at schools.Your descriptive thesis statement would be:“Though uniforms are told to enhance community spirit and unity, educational institutions should not force students to wear them.Some years before that, in 1977, Eco published a little book for his students, "How to Write a Thesis," in which he offered useful advice on all the steps involved in researching and writing a thesis -- from choosing a topic to organizing a work schedule to writing the final draft.Now in its twenty-third edition in Italy and translated into seventeen languages, "How to Write a Thesis "has become a classic.You need a strong thesis statement for the audience to understand if your paper is something they want to read.Construct it from four main elements: Topic: aggressive advertising Claim: wrong targetting young people Major points: cigarettes, alcohol, and adult movies Attention, please! Further reading: How to Tell a Strong Thesis Statement from a Weak One Hope is the last to die, right?It’s not only a marker of good academic writing but also an aid for the logic of your writing.A strong thesis statement should exactly communicate what you want to tell in your paper and be as concise as possible.Remarkably, this is its first, long overdue publication in English. He not only offers practical advice but also considers larger questions about the value of the thesis-writing exercise. It is frequently irreverent, sometimes polemical, and often hilarious."How to Write a Thesis" is unlike any other writing manual. Eco advises students how to avoid "thesis neurosis" and he answers the important question "Must You Read Books?


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