Traumatic Brain Injury Thesis Statement

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Anxiety is the second most common diagnosis within TBI clients.

The art therapy interventions that are developed will be using paint, collage, and nature/tactile materials.

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This honors college thesis is about how art therapy can impact depression and/or anxiety with Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI).

Traumatic Brain Injury is a direct blow or penetrating object to the head that was caused by acceleration, deceleration or direct force.

This dynamic process allows us to learn from and adapt to different experiences.

Neuroplasticity is definitely a factor in recovery from brain injury.

TBI can impact quality of life emotionally, physicality and their cognition.

Depression is one of the most common diagnosis within TBI clients, about thirty-three percent of the population are diagnosed with depression post one year from their accidents (Driskell, Starosta, & Brenner, 2016).


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