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The participants have the option of taking 3 electives.

$9,000 is given to candidates attending the program alone or with their spouse while $15,000 is given to candidates attending the program with their family.

IBEAR Distinguished Graduate Scholar: Self Sponsored participants who graduate from the IBEAR program at the top 20% of their class qualify for an additional scholarship to attend a graduate study program of their choice in any USC school if admitted.

Applicants should have minimum 6 years of experience (business, non-profit, government, military, post-graduate education), valid GMAT or GRE score, TOEFL or IELTS score (where applicable) and a bachelor’s degree.

The GMAT average is normally 630 plus or minus 5 points. The GMAT average reflects the older average age of participants (33 or 34) and the fact that many participants speak English as a second language (75% of participants are foreign nationals).

Delivered at USC’s Los Angeles campus, participants complete 19 courses in five eight-week terms from July of each year to the next.

Established in 1978, it has 1500 graduates in leadership positions in more than 60 countries around the globe.We start evaluating and admitting applications in November of each year.We urge that applicants complete the application process no later than May 15th of the following year, as the class starts to get full by this date.IBEAR participants, being mid career professionals, are approximately 5 years older on average than students in two-year MBA programs.Thus, many of them seek to re-enter the job market at a more senior level than the average two-year MBA.Applicants with experience in global supply chain and logistics may also be considered for this award. Lewis Scholarship is awarded to a Japanese participant of high calibre.Housing subsidy at a designated attractive off-campus location is awarded to both single students and those attending the program with their family.A typical class consists of 55 participants from 15 countries with a very strong international focus. They also have significant international experience and substantive global expertise.They use more international cases than other faculty.“After you have completed your application file and interviewed, it will take us approximately two weeks to evaluate your application and make a decision.If you are a foreign national it may take somewhat longer for an official USC decision because your file must also be reviewed by USC International Admissions.


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