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My question to you guys is this: Is using expletives appropriate?Even if I am quoting an individual and the quotation itself fits within the purview of my argument.

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And if you do you are more likely to be taken seriously, because you sound more educated. There's a big difference between using an expletive, and quoting an expletive.

Yes, if you are writing dialog in a novel, there are cases where in real life the character would use vulgar language. I would strongly advise against the former in an essay, but the latter is a quite different situation --it's reportage, not usage.

Expletives are a valid field of research and many academic publications not only study but quote them extensively.

On the other hand you must be aware how pushing at the limits of propriety can make you feel edgy and cool and reflect whether you don't actually want to use that quote for its shock value.

I would like to reference this article in a paper on net neutrality, specifically the second sentence.

What is the convention on profanity in American academic papers, especially with respect to quotes?Edit: I also forgot, my professor read my essay about a week ago and she did not say anything about that expletive.Maybe that was because my essay was still in the editing phases and she thought I would edit it out, or she did not notice it, or lastly she did not care. The question is not whether or not you may use expletives in academic writing, but whether or not that quote is essential for your argument.You are among adults and you don't need to censor your language for the sake of propriety.For example, in an essay on expletives, it would be completely inappropriate to give examples.And if you don't have time to do this before you have to hand in this essay, make sure you educate yourself in time for your next assignment.Good luck, and let us know what your professor answered. It's blunt and to the point, and since you are in fact pointing out that people don't have time or energy for philosophy when they're starving, it's rather apropos.A word on citability: I do not know what kind of essay you write, and the APA style is applied to all kinds of writing that is not academic in the strictest sense, but nevertheless you must consider the following criteria before you include a citation in your writing (from Wikipedia): In academic writing, only peer reviewed sources are citable.You probably don't have to go that far, but taking a minute to understand how the peer review process works and what purpose it serves will give you an insight that will help you more critically consider your own sources." but you may quote it as "Clark [Kent] is the best at karaoke." If he slipped and said "Superman is the best at karaoke," or if he was unclear in that one sentence ("He's great at karaoke") you can save the secret identity (or clarify who "he" is) by saying "[Clark Kent] is the best at karaoke" -- adding "[sic]" (Latin for "thus") after the quote, because that's more commonly used to show "there's an error here, I know it, you know it, but I wanted to preserve the flavor." I might use it if the elder misspoke, but it seems clear that he knew what he meant to say, and the influence the would would have.If you wanted to indicate that a Martian awkwardly askedwhere the bathroom was on this boat, you might say "Where does one ship on this ship?


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