V For Vendetta Character Essay

It reminds Evey and the audience of the capabilities of her enemies.

Valarie’s letter also gives Evey an ally when she needs it most, as V has either abandoned her or is unable to help.

Our focus begins when Evey discovers a letter hidden in her prison cell, Valarie’s letter.

Juxtaposition Perhaps the most obvious function served by this sequence is the contrast between the soft focus, warm colours of Valarie’s past and the cold, harsh reality of Evey’s confinement.

In fact, learning to embrace it will is “the most important moment of [her] life” (170).

Once she unveiled the political oppression which had defined her, “the door of [her] cage [was] open[ed]”(171).

Through this new found freedom, she is able to take the responsibility of her existence and assume her role in the revolution.

As V's life is about to end, he commands Evey to “discover whose face lies behind this mask, but [she] must never know [his] face”(245).

Evey's character embodies the stages of revolution, preeminently reconstruction.

Through her, Moore He reminds her of her haunting and painful childhood and encourages her not to run away from it.


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