Valued Possession Essay

I’m not in a position to say that the most prized possession each of these children have isn’t a toy; however, the phrase “most prized possession” and its connection to children reminded me of a story about the immense value the children we sponsor place on the letters we write and the relationships they represent.I even know a little girl in Honduras whose house was flooded, and our project director went in and rescued her from the rising water. And he picked her up and carried her out of her house and the whole time, she was reaching back toward the house, crying.

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This was a gift from my grandmother on my fourteenth birthday.

I love this piece of jewellery and wear it only on special occasions.

Delta Winds: A Magazine of Student Essays A Publication of San Joaquin Delta College 2005 My Most Prized Possession: An In-depth Analysis of Materialism Bryan Tortolani Possessions may come and go, but often the emotional attachment associated with them remains eternal.

I have a disturbingly long history of losing my possessions.

Lastly, my third valuable possession is a gold bangle with my name 'CINDY' on it.

Valued Possession Essay

It looks solid and very attractive as it is made of pure gold and artistically designed. I keep these three possessions very carefully and wear the ring and the bangle only occasionally, as they are too precious to be spoilt or lost.

A passport, photo album, and a stuffed animal were among my most treasured lost possessions.

These lost possessions fill me with a feeling of profound grief and anxiety, which is accompanied by a warm nostalgic feeling of times long past.

Three years ago I was psychologically reunited with one of my most prized possessions.

On my thirty-fourth birthday a huge package was delivered to my door.


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