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Furthermore, they can be distinguished by their underlying justifications, the stage of their development, and the academic and professional environment they operate in." (Saner and von Baeyer, 2005; p.3) Saner and von Baeyer relate that the 'structures' of ethics in the workplace is vested in the "departmental ethics officers responsible for ethics programs and working together with experts on training, confidential advice (ombudpersons), program management, assessment and such.

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(Ferrell, nd) The work of Saner and von Baeyer (2005) entitled: "Workplace and Policy Ethics: A Call to End the Solitudes" states: Policy and workplace ethics can be distinguished by reference to their structures (who is involved), their processes (how they operate), their standards (the norms applied).

Workplace values and ethics are established at the helm of the organization.

Values and ethics define what the company perceives as important regarding the behavior of everyone from the top-level executive to the employees working with consumers.

The values and ethics of a business are the moral code by which the business operates.

While no business can control the actions of every employee, it can define expectations and develop procedures for violations.


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