War Can Be Justified Essay

Judith Miller, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who was working for the at the time, published an article that claimed, through anonymous sources, that the Iraqi Government had been harboring WMDs (Miller).

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The middle east is in chaos and the West is dealing with an existential crisis: The choice between nationalism and multiculturalism.

Although the cause for the increasing global instability is complex and cannot be blamed on only one event, military intervention in the middle east plays a very significant role in the increase of insecurity in the world.

This led to vast public support for a military intervention, which the US Government capitalized on.

After the war, it became evident that Miller’s report was indeed fabricated and lacked key information.

War therefore fails the categorical imperative and is therefore immoral according to many ethical rationalists.

Teleological ethical frameworks such as Utilitarianism, judge morality based on the outcome of an action and not the action itself.

Utilitarians for example, would argue that if a war creates the greatest amount of good for the greatest amount of people, commonly known as the Although war can possibly have positive effects, it often has a much more negative impact on society.

Due to human lives being in jeopardy and the devastating aftereffects of war, the Teleological framework of Utilitarianism is the most appropriate framework when evaluating a war, which evaluates it as immoral due to the imminent loss of lives caused by it.

One of the most powerful and influential groups that gained power was Al Qaeda in Iraq, which eventually changed to become DAESH or ISIS, which continues to be a threat to world peace.

The justification for the military intervention was largely based on a report that the Iraqi Government had weapons of mass destruction (WMD).


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