War Is Not Justified Essay

" War on iraq was not justified" The 2003 Iraq War lasted less than three weeks. Although the war itself was short, arguments over whether it was justified had been made for months and years prior to the attack, and still continue today.It began in the early morning hours of March 20, when American missiles struck Baghdad. Going to war in Iraq was not justified on many levels. Google(); req('single_work'); $('.js-splash-single-step-signup-download-button').one('click', function(e){ req_and_ready('single_work', function() ); new c.

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By April 15 Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had vanished, and U. and allied officials pronounced the end of major combat operations.

One of the main reasons for the attacks on Iraq was to disarm them of any weapons of mass destruction that they have.

War can destroy the will to live in those whose lives have been wrecked by it, and kills the innocence of those forced to kill intentionally. Utilitarianism is a principle stating that 'to do the greatest good for the greatest number' is the best action.

When applied to the problem 'can war be justified,' you must look ahead to see what the consequences of a war will be - if the war will have a greater overall benefit, thinking of future generations.

If you force soldiers to follow orders and kill mercilessly in wars you destroy their natural instincts of compassion and their ability to think and act freely, creating mere tools for warlords.

Nobody has the right to kill the spirit of an individual. justice (if their reasons for going to war are unjust) or loyalty vs. To decide whether war can be justified, not only in the case above, but in general, we can be guided by ethical theories. War inevitably brings death, destruction and suffering, which both ruin lives and nations.The most unjustifiable consequence of war is the loss of innocent civilians' lives.Nothing that, in the end, brings more bad than it does good can be justified.Going to war in the name of peace cannot be justified - it is a complete contradiction: It is using violent means to achieve the very concept of non-violence.In the country's best interest, why would a war start for absolutely no reason?There will always be a gain if won, which is the justified reason for a war!Bin Laden and Al Qaeda are the terrorists linked to the 9/11 attacks.Therefor, why would the 9/11 attacks force the United States to go to war in Iraq?However, War should be fought considering all of the variables, From cost, To lives.Loss of life should be kept to the bare minimum and innocent civilians should never be put in harm's way. If you have to go to war, Love your enemies, And only resort to killing when only completely necicary.


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