Was William A Good King Essay

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William tried everything he could think of to raise the spirits of his men, as a last and desperate attempt to lift morale he had the body of the patron Saint of St. Conclusion Unlike Harold, William had cleverly assessed his opponent's tactics and Harold's tactics were the same as in previous battles so William had a huge advantage against Harold.

At this stage William's army was tearing Harolds apart.

King William was a hard man, determined to use force to impose his will on the nation he had conquered.

He was so successful at it, the Anglo-Saxons became second-class citizens in their own country.

However, Edgar the Aetheling was the rightful heir to Edward the Confessor and should have been crowned King of England.

Unfortunately he was only ten years old when Edward the Confessor died and couldn't manage to rule an entire country.

After the famous defeat of King Harold by William of Normandy at the Battle of Hastings in 1066, the lands and riches of the Anglo-Saxon ruling class were systematically removed by its conquerors.

The Norman Conquest was a thorough-going revolution which, as so often happens in history, was driven by a great figure - William the Conqueror. ) but you have to admit that this hard, inflexible and unlovable man was politically the master of his world.

Very cleverly he sent a man in a barrel down the river with a hole in the top.

Once the barrel was directly underneath the man with the axe the man inside rammed a sword up through his legs and right up into his body.


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