Web Usage Mining Research Papers

There are so many practical applications of Web mining technology which are abundant, and are by no means the limit to this technology.

The tools utilized can be extended and programmed to answer almost any question.

[2]Web mining is mainly divided into three categories: Web content mining, Web structure mining and Web usage mining.

Web content mining focuses on extracting and mining useful information or knowledge from web pages and web documents.

Web Usage Mining on the other hand the is the application of data mining techniques to discover interesting usage patterns from Web data in order to understand and better serve the needs of Web-based applications.

Usage data captures the identity or origin of Web users along with their browsing behavior at a Web site.The Web document usually contains several types of data, such as text, image, audio, video, metadata and hyperlinks.The unstructured characteristic of Web data forces the Web content mining towards a more complicated approach.In the business world, structure mining can be quite useful in determining the connection between two or more business Web sites.This allows accounting, customer profile, inventory, and demographic information to be correlated with Web browsing.This on the other hand brings about problems that can be resolved using an intelligent system which can effectively mine for knowledge.When it comes to analysis, web mining takes it much further by combining other corporate information with web traffic data.Now that information sourcesavailable on the World Wide Web have grown expansively, it has becomevery important for users to utilize automatedtools in discovering and finding out the desired information resources, and totrack and analyze their usage patterns.To retrieve the information from different storage areas which is a quite difficult process, efficient tools are required to find the desired information.This paper tries to provide an insight into web mining and the different areas of web mining.Then it focuses on Web usage mining, its application and impact in E-services.


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