What Is Mazeway Resynthesis

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He also runs the MA dissertation modules 6759 which prepare MA students for writing and submitting their dissertation Most of Roger Griffin's undergraduate teaching relates to modernism, fascism or the History of Ideas.

He leads the following advanced modules:3rd year He also runs the MA dissertation modules 6759 which prepare MA students for writing and submitting their dissertation Roger Griffin has supervised and co-supervised several Ph Ds to completion and welcomes applications for doctoral projects in topics relating to fascism, (political and cultural) modernism, racism, terrorism, and transcultural humanism.

Another application (the AVATAR project) is under development, namely the creation on the basis of a large selection of profiles actual terrorists understood through the lens of ‘heroic doubling’, of a prognostic database for use by counter-terrorism forces to help identify potential in collaboration with a major UK expert in the use of IT for security purposes network associated with the journal Fascism and its affiliated association COMFASthe terrorism research group International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation based in King's College, Londonthe centre for the study of totalitarianism and extremism based in Olso University Awarded Honorary Doctorate by University of Leuven (2011) for sercices to the comparative study of fascism various grants including British Academy and ESRC grants to write (2008)Three major projects at present (Oct 2017):1.

Research programme to provide basis for a major mobograph on the historical impact of different concepts and realituies of the self in modern western history (Double trouble: How Alter Egos Alter History (and Can Save Humanity)2.

For example, he was interviewed about fascism on Hamburg local radio (Freies Sender Kombinat) and about Bush's use of the term Islamo-Fascism by The New York Times, as well as being consulted about aspects of fascism (e.g.

Joerg Haider's death and the rise of the radical right in Austria, the 'new' BNP under Nick Griffin) and populism (e.g.The text book for Polity's Key concepts in Political thought to be published in 2018, and his work for the journal ifascism iand for the new association COMFAS are conceived to act as a major vehicles for the continuing dissemination of the working definition of fascism provided in Fascism Modernism Terrorism Transcultural Humanism He has been a member of the editorial board of Patterns of Prejudice since 1990, and for 4 years was co-editor of the journal Totalitarian Movements and Political Religions (2005-2008).After leaving the journal he helped create a new Political Religion section of the Blackwell-Wiley on-line journal Religion Compass which he co-edited for three years.In particular, his theory of fascism as a revolutionary form of ultranationalism driven by ‘palingenetic’ myth has had a major impact on comparative fascist studies since the mid-1990s.In May 2011 he received an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Leuven in May 2011 in recognition of his services to the comparative study of fascism.He is also consultant editor of the new e-journal (2011) Fascism: Journal for Comparative Fascist Studies edited by Madelon de Keizer in Amsterdam (Brill).His main editorial work till recently was on the 15 volumes of the series he founded, 'Modernism and' (Palgrave), and he continues to play an active role as founding editor of the journal and in the creation of its affiliated association COMFAS (Association for the Comparative Study of Fascism which is to be based in the Central European University (Budapest).This would involve a variety of traditions of tolerance and fruitful coexistence with 'the Other' that exist in human history and could hopefully be reactivated to help address the many dilemmas that humanity now faces on a global and planetary level.Since September 2015 Roger Griffin has found a highly practical and topical application of his work on terrorism and transculatural humanism in the AVATAR (Analysis of Virtual Alter-egos in Terrorst Activism and Radicalization) project with an expert in the IT aspect of counterradicalization and a police force actively engaged in counter-radicalization and CT work.Increasingly Roger Griffin is concerned with the practical application of his insights into the dynamics of fanatical violence in counter-radicalization and counter-terrorist policies.His theory of 'heroic doubling' was cited in the prosecution case against Anders Breivik and has attracted the attention of international counter-terrorist agencies.


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