What Makes A Good English Essay

That means using advanced vocabulary and replacing ‘good’ and ‘nice’ with more appropriate synonyms to reflect the shades of meaning. No matter how much you want to ‘go with the flow’ and write whatever your inspiration dictates, you should remember you are writing an academic assignment and, as long as it has a prompt, you should stick to it.If the prompt is complicated and consists of several parts, analyze your final draft and check if you covered every point of the essay prompt.Not only love, but every emotion in the play is heightened and leads to terrible consequences.’ The aim of an essay is to not only to reveal your knowledge of the topic, but to show your ability to choose appropriate vocabulary and show your language expertise.

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Essay writing is an obligatory academic assignment, regardless of course of study and institution.

However, few students find the essay writing process easy.

You may easily figure out the style based on the type of essay.

The language you use in the paper indicates your ability to research and analyze the topic, prove your opinion, and explain your points clearly and vividly.

Examples of phrases you can use for transitions include: Any example you use – from literature, scientific work, etc. Only examples from your own experience do not have to be cited.

If you want to include mention of something that you have read, even if you are not using a direct quotation, it is best to reference the source of the information.Famous writers, like Hemingway or Fitzgerald, wrote simply and that didn’t make their writing any worse.A good essay is not about style and formatting, of course, but style influences the first impression your paper makes.Rather it may show your inability to convey information in a simple and readable format, or to break the sentences in a logical way.What’s more, complicated sentences increase the risk of grammar errors and stylistic mistakes.Therefore, it is a good idea to structure your essay so the key points are visible when skim reading and are clear enough to get the message across.Get rid of extra words and phrases, use clear constructions and stick to the point.It makes the storytelling more engaging and real, increasing the feeling of presence.For example: ‘Romeo and Juliet experience true love the moment they see each other. From the very beginning they are somehow aware that they are doomed to die – they have given up their lives to love.Of course, practice makes perfect and by the time students hit their senior year in college, most of them can write an essay in their sleep.However, no one wants to learn from their own mistakes so knowing the most important dos and don'ts of essay writing will help make this experience less stressful and more productive.


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