Whistleblower Essay

Internal whistle blowing tends to do less damage to the company. This is where the wrongdoing is reported to the media and brought to the attention of the public.

Looking at the conclusions and certain criteria given by many ethicists, whistle-blowing is an ethical action.

The action is morally justified when it meets the requiring five criteria.

In his complicity theory, Davis states that because the whistle-bower is complicit in wrong doing rather than from the ability to prevent harm.

There is a moral obligation to help right the situation.

One of the most controversial types of whistle blowing is that of impersonal.

If a company is making products that are unsafe because they are trying to save a few dollars, an employee could see this as immoral and tell the public about it.

Although, there is almost always a person involved who is against the practice and wants to reveal what’s happening to world. Many argued the unit’s actions to be against the law.

Unfortunately, those who speak out, also known as whistleblowers, end up facing harsh consequences. The point being, Whistleblowers should be protected S army private, helped uncover the unethical activity of the U. To be more specific, he leaked the “Collateral Murder” video which showed the merciless killings of more than a dozen innocent people who were mistaken to be terrorists by an army unit in Baghdad. In an article by Marjorie Cohn, Professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, wrote, “In fact, the actions depicted in “Collateral Murder” contain evidence of three violations of the laws of war set forth in the Geneva Conventions, which amount to war crimes.” (Cohn).

It is said that whistle blowing is personal if the wrongdoing affects the whistle blower alone (like sexual harassment), and said to be impersonal if the wrongdoing affects other people.

Many people whistle blow for two main reasons: morality and revenge.


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