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Sure, there are no concrete rules or requirements, and you can write it the way you want.

But when it comes to work or college, everything is a bit more complicated.

” Human beings are the only creatures on the planet who can ask themselves this question. But we can’t live without inventing problems regularly. In truth, we like digging in our heads and souls looking for answers. Yet, we are here not to debate but to find out how to write “Who Am I” essay.

Other animals don’t have problems with self-identity. We truly believe that our actions and feeling have a logical explanation, and every habit or trait has its root. First of all, let’s figure out when we need to write a “Who Am I” essay.

We know that general recommendations are not enough for you. Move on to the list of good and bad topics for your “Who Am I” essay for college or work!

We should remind you one more time that we’re talking mostly about essays for college or work.Your essay has to convince them that you’re the best candidate for the scholarship or for the job.Thus, you need a few tips on how to write “Who Am I” essay to make a good impression.Below, you’ll find a list of “Who Am I” Essay Ideas that you should and shouldn’t use for your writing. If you don’t seek originality and want to choose a time-tested option, this topic is perfect for you.Of course, there is one necessary condition: you need a really meaningful achievement to write about. It should be something impressive like climbing Mount Everest or saving the planet from an alien invasion. If there is one topic even more impressive than a personal achievement, it is a fixed mistake.A human being is not just a bunch of numbers and facts! But it doesn’t mean that you should sound arrogant.Readers should understand that your victories aren’t a gift or luck but the result of hard work and self-development.8.In short, you might need a “Who Am I” essay for college, for work, for your bio, or simply for yourself.When you write it for yourself or for your bio, you don’t have any particular purpose but self-analysis.Be honest, but delicate Admissions officers as well as hiring managers read tons of CV’s, application essays, and cover letters.Do you think they can’t distinguish lies from truth? Write about your passion When you write about something you really like, your essay is filled with positive energy. If you’re going to apply for the position of interpreter, you don’t have to write about learning languages.


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