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Both apps are a great choice for writers and they make writing on the i Pad Pro a fun endeavour.Last but not least, let’s have a look at i A Writer.Its features are pretty similiar to what Ulysses offers – like Word Press and Medium publishing or the fact that both apps are markdown editors – and even the user interfaces of the two apps look somewhat alike nowadays, with i A Writer probably taking a cue from Ulysses’ very intuitive app layout.

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Both Scrivener and Ulysses have loads of additional features that I haven’t yet talked about (word count goals, keyword tagging,…), but the information so far hopefully gives you a good idea what the writing experience is like on an i Pad Pro.Third party apps like the aforementioned Pages or the desktop version of Scrivener are needed in this case.Ulysses could be described as a minimalist’s approach to reimagine Scrivener’s functionality.For some, it might feel a bit restricting because the research options within Scrivener’s projects are better at visualising your notes and are a tad more fleshed out.Others won’t care – because they tend to keep their notes and research material in a separate app like Evernote or Microsoft’s One Note. In Ulysses, you organise your projects in groups and sub-groups (they function pretty much like folders).Well, exporting works fine if you want to get your text into an app like Pages or Word.If you want to format and compile your ebook inside the app though, you’re out of luck.I also like that the mobile app is pretty much the same as the desktop version (Ulysses is i OS/Mac only).Although I mentioned earlier that Scrivener has a slight edge when it comes to writing a novel, I’m confident that you can also manage to write one with Ulysses.So if you’re writing a novel, you could create a character group and store detailed information in a sub-group for each character.Or if you’re running a blog for example, you could have a group called “Blog” with three sub-groups called “Ideas”, “Drafts” and “Published”.


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