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A very beautiful old-fashioned brass kntx'ker ornaments the front door. The stairway at the right side of the hall has a landing with window looking out on a fine old rose garden. The whole of the next year the Watertown settlers in little parties of a few families continued to make addi- tions to the gallant little company of pioneers at AYethers- held. Wethers- field seems from the first to have been most involved in difficulties, civil and ecclesiastical. CHILDREX (7) Samuel Wright (Sergeant), born 1660; died Oct.

From the landing the stairs divide going either way to the rooms above. The settlement had been commenced by a liigh-si:)irited and very excitable people, impatient of control, delighting in the most daring enterprises and stimulated rather than alarmed at (lie dangers that beset them. and in the liuriv to emigrate they forgot their dix'ipliiu'.

Just back of the library are the two kitchens, wiiich appear to be very ancient, with a large open fiiu'-placc and brick oven, foj-morlv used for cook'inir- CORNER OF LIBRARY. This house with its moat and PART OF MOAT BATK OF HOUSE. wiien men went out clad in ai'uioi" aiul armc(l with ci'oss-hows and baltle- a.\(-s. Hence the unhappy troubles and strifes during the first few years after they established themselves.

Opposite the library is a drawing room, and beyond this a large dining-room extending the width of the house: it is said to be paneled with oak beanie uiira[)es and other fruits are ii'rowii. There is said to he a written history or -tory ahoi U tlie old . Then a division oc- curred and some of the settlers with their families re- moved to Stamford.

Among the principal gentlemen of Wethersfield who remained, or soon after arrived (1640), were the names: AVelles, Wyllys, Talcott, Goodrich, Hallister, Wright, Kimberly, Kill)ourn, Hale. Most of the proprietors owned land on the eastern bank of the Connecticut, in that part of the town now embraced within the boundaries of Glastonbury, and sev- eral of them built upon these estates and removed there long before the incorporation of the last named town in 1690.

Almost all of these families intermarried before 1700, and from their blood lunc s|)rung many of the brightest ornaments of Connecticut.

It was originally called "Manor of Eopers" from the name of the first owner, Henry Ropei-. Pursuivant to (^ueen Cather- 26 HISTORY OF THE AV R I G H T 1 A [ i j. only a liuts off the \ iew of the house from the street.

A windinii' drixcwav lead-^ from the gate to the II 1 s T () i; '^• w i; I (; 11 r v a m i l y front of the house, passing through the lawn, which is interspersed with shrubs and trees, giving the old manse a beautiful setting. Sarah, Mabel and Eunice are not mentioned in their father's Avill. Married (first) Rebecca, dau of Moses Crafts, May 12th, 1686. Married (second) Abigail, widow of Samuel Walker of Stratford, Eng., Aug.

It is evident that the old family of Wrights was then liv- inir in Rrook Street — doubtless in the Moat House.

Thev DRIVKWAV AND FRONT OF IIOFSK held the Manors of Great and Little Eopers.


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